June 6, 2023

“The intensification of the rains which accompany the warming of the local weather is without doubt one of the causes particularly for the tragedy that has occurred in Kalehe”, estimated, Tuesday, Might 23, the climatologist Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele.

In an unique interview with Radio Okapi, this professor of climatology and sustainable growth sciences on the Catholic College of Louvain (Belgium) defined the pure course of that partly led to the Kalehe floods.

“The warming of the local weather causes an evaporation of water on the floor of the earth which is extra essential. This water vapor which is current within the environment in larger amount due to international warming and effectively when it condenses, when it turns into rain, it turns into extra plentiful rain since there are extra vapors of water out there to offer these extra intense rains which may then trigger the disasters that we’ve seen, particularly once they happen on land that isn’t very secure, constructions that would not have strong sufficient foundations and due to this fact that then causes landslides, floods which have catastrophic penalties. As a result of if there have been buildings that have been stronger, we’d have had much less harm too,” he defined.

Staying in Kinshasa, Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele proposes to construct buildings with pretty strong foundations and in appropriate locations with the intention to scale back any such catastrophe:

“We’ve to work on growing resilience, take adaptation measures, we’ve to consider how the territory is used, we’ve to attempt to have buildings, infrastructures which might be extra strong, which might be extra resilient to this climatic shock”.

Kalehe drama brought on loss of life

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