June 8, 2023

The Nationwide Girls’s Soccer League drew heaps, this Tuesday, Might 23 in Lubumbashi, for the group stage of the 14th version of the Congo Girls’s Soccer Cup. The ceremony occurred within the VIP lounge of the Complexe Omnisports Frédéric Kibassa Maliba, within the presence of some representatives of the golf equipment already established within the capital of copper.

The 26 ladies’s soccer golf equipment chosen for the competitors, representing eleven leagues, have now been fastened. Three teams had been shaped, two with 10 groups and one other with 6 groups.

Right here is the composition of the teams:

Group A

1. FCF Mazembe (Haut-Katanga)

2.JSK (Lualaba)

3. Manika (Lualaba)

4. Lusenda Giris (South Kivu)

5. DC Bweremana (North Kivu)

7. Jacques Kyabula Katwe Basis (FJKK) (Haut-Katanga)

8. AS Kabasha (North Kivu)

9. TP Mazembe of Kananga (Kasaï-Central)

10. FCF Lupopo (Higher Katanga)

Group B

1. FCF Tosepela (Ituri)

2. FCF Ladies Power (South Kivu)

3. thirty first CPC (Kasai-Oriental)

4. FCF Amani (Kinshasa)

5. DCMP Bikira (Higher Katanga)

6. FCF Okapi (South Kivu)

7. Ituri FC (Ituri)

8. FCF Mabanga (Ituri)

9. Japanese Solar (North Kivu)

10. Muselamayi (Kasai Oriental)

Group C

1. Kasaji OCK (Lualaba)

2. Sainte Marie de Lulua (Kasaï-Central)

3. CSF Bikira (Kinshasa)

4. Inter Star de la Tshopo (Tshopo)

5. ASF Hope of Kinshasa (Kinshasa)

6. SBB Don Bosco (Kinshasa)

The primary 3 of the teams of ten and the primary two of the group of six will qualify for the quarter-finals on the finish of this group stage.

Three stadiums have been chosen to host the competitors, particularly: the TP Mazembe stadium, the Frédéric Kibassa Maliba stadium and the Gaëtan Kakudji stadium in Joli web site.

The competitors begins this Thursday, Might 25, 2023.

The thirteenth version disputed final 12 months in Kinshasa was gained by the Soccer Membership Féminin TP Mazembe of Lubumbashi.

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