June 2, 2023

The safety scenario stays risky within the metropolis of Bweremana, within the territory of Masisi, almost 50 kilometers south of the town of Goma (North Kivu), famous Tuesday, Might 16, the reporter for Radio Okapi.

This safety precariousness is because of the presence of combatants from the few armed teams within the metropolis and its environment after the withdrawal of the M23 across the metropolis of Sake.

A number of safety incidents involving native armed teams are recurrently reported on this space.

The departure of the M23 from this area has led to an elevated presence of native armed teams, particularly parts of the APCLS and Nyatura who conflict and search to increase their affect, notably within the Mufuni-Shanga groupement.

This risky safety scenario worries the displaced who concern returning to their villages.

On the one hand, they concern clashes between these native armed teams; and alternatively, they don’t consider in an actual withdrawal of the M23 rebels from the realm.

And to take care of all these safety hazards, the presence of a brief base of blue helmets is suitable within the Bweremana area, believes the president of native civil society, Floribert Buholo.

Concerning safety, we proposed that MONUSCO change methods. That it’s just a little offensive in accordance with the demand of the inhabitants “, he specified.

To exactly stop the dangers of threats in opposition to civilian populations and displaced individuals, MONUSCO plans to arrange a brief base for blue helmets in Bweremana.

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